Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CSI Project Top 10!


I'm so lucky I got chosen as one of the Top 10 in last week's CSI Project!  They had a yarn-themed projects week, and so I linked a few of my projects to the competition for fun.  I'm so thrilled that the guest judge chose my owl and parrot hats as part of the Top 10!  Bragging rights are always fun. 

So, if you're not following this fun website yet, you should check it out!  The CSI (Creating Something Inspring) Project hosts new projects each week that are open for anyone to link up a project.  Then through the week, there are fun guests with tutorials that fit the project theme for the week, and on Wednesday the link-up party begins, with judging on Friday.  It's a fun one-stop shop for inspiration and new friends--and a little self-esteeem booster if you happen to get so lucky as being chosen for the Top 10 spot!

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