Thursday, February 9, 2012


Here I am!  Just a fun-loving, craft-making, yarn-crocheting, paper-cutting, mess(the good kind)-making, piano/flute-playing/teaching, fabric/material-hoarding, children-raising, home-making stay-at-home wife of 1 handsome husband, mom of 2 darling kids, with a few crochet hooks, gobs of yarn, some fantastic fabric scissors only allowed to be used by yours truly (you can do anything with a pair of really awesome scissors!), and a fairly consistent need for a creative outlet amid laundry loads, train-track and blocks building, kindergarten homework, and dishes.  That's where you come in!  This is my new outlet for pretty much whatever helps feed my spontaneous creativity craving of the moment.

I have a little etsy shop that is currently, but not necessarily exclusively, home to my latest hobby, crochet.  Feel free to visit and see what I've been creating lately!  There are crocheted rain boots--generic and school colors (I'm always looking to try a new school logo), baby/youth/adult sized hats of all kinds, and some fun seasonal things.

But the greatest fun is that I never know what serendipitous find or project may be had as time goes on--can't wait to find out myself!  Thanks for joining me--glad you're here!

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