Friday, February 10, 2012

Elf Hat

Ok, I know I promised no more Christmas talk, but I really meant after today, because I have one more really awesome thing to show!  This was my top seller in my etsy shop over the holidays, and so of course it must have a feature on the blog, and it can't wait for next holiday season! 

My kids needed some fun hats to wear through the holidays, so I made these fun long-tailed elf hats!

These make props for holiday photo shoots and Christmas card pictures.  Did we get around to taking our Christmas card pictures this year, though?  Umm, I plead the 5th.  Again, by next Christmas, maybe I'll finish hats for my husband and me and then we can be a cute family of elves. 

If I can twist dear husband's arm enough to wear one.  But he loves me.  And supports my addiction to yarn and other craft supplies.  So he definitely will wear anything I want to make for him.  Right?  It's called true love!  

I'm sure I'll be revisiting these later in the year, but just wanted to post some pictures for now. 

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