Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sport Your Colors! Baby Rainboots

I'll begin by making it no secret about my true allegiance.  I'm a Cougar--I bleed blue!  I've been singing the BYU Cougar fight song since I was 4 years old.  My whole family lives for BYU football in the fall and Cougar basketball and March Madness (hopefully!) in the winter and early spring.  You know that totally awesome (and not in anyway crazy) family down the street who pulls out the ladder, climbs up on the roof, and sings the fight song every game day right before kick-off?  That's us.  Living states away from family now, we still sport our Y banner on game day with pride.

I found a wonderful crochet baby rainboot pattern by ebethalan on Etsy, and I simply had to try it out.  Once I had made a pair with cute little flowers on them, I knew that this pattern and boots were destined for more. 

Don't they look darling with cute little "Y's" on the side?  Love the blue and white!

How about in pink for those little baby Cougarettes?  Of course! 

Now, I had to pledge my allegiance to my BYU Cougar roots before I can go on and post this next pair.  In true sportsmanship, I made this red and white pair--every thing has an opposite, right? 

And as cute as they turned out, I think they just go a long way proving the cuteness of my good ole Y boots. 
Living in the great state of Texas, I'm learning fast to appreciate the local teams as well.  So I'm showing a little Texas A&M Aggies love when I made this pair. 

Now, of course, I'm needing more schools and logos to make!  I'm planning on making a UT Longhorns pair, but I need more after that!  What's your team?  What are your colors?  Do you have any you would like to see on these fun baby boots?

These pairs are all available for sale in my etsy shop:  Check it out!

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  1. Hi I am stopping by form CSI and I just wanted to tell you that those boots are adorable.